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Thermal Spray Inspector Training (THERMAL INSP) Course

This program covers the inspection of thermal spray from pre-surface preparation through coating application.

Why attend - benefits of attending

After attending this course you will be able to:

  • Recognize and describe the proper role of the inspector

  • Recognize common inspection hold points and quality control procedures for thermal spray inspection

  • Implement and follow correct thermal spray inspection procedures for surface preparation and application

What this course covers

  • Thermal spray process overview

  • The inspector’s role

  • Inspection hold points

  • Thermal spray inspection procedures

  • Inspecting surface preparation

  • Inspecting applied TSC

  • Thermal spray safety

Course format

The classroom session consists of an 8-hour lecture and is supplemented by workshops in which students learn how to navigate the NAVSEA Standard Item on thermal spray and a DOT specification and complete a four-station exercise of common thermal spray inspection tests, including profile, film thickness, tensile pull-off, and mandrel bend test.

How to achieve the Thermal Spray Inspection Specialty


Enroll and complete course requirements

  • Successful completion of the Thermal Spray Inspection (THERMAL INSP) Course

  • Successful completion of the Ethics for the Corrosion Professional course or an equivalent training

Meet certification requirements

  • Current Basic Coatings Inspector (CIP Level 1), Certified Coatings Inspector (CIP Level 2), or Senior Certified Coatings Inspector (CIP Level 3) certification


Take required exams

  • Thermal Spray Inspector Level 2 Exam



Contact Alexandre Racine
CFRRIQC training Director


Training and course materials are available in English.


1 318,82$ CAD (taxes included)

*Prices are subject to change without notice

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