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Surface Preparation and Paint Application (C6)

For Power Tool Cleaning Operators and Brush and Roll Paint Applicators Certification

This course is designed to instruct industrial/marine painters in proper hand and power tool surface preparation methods and brush and roller coating application, in accordance with good paint practice.

Who should attend?

Personnel who must learn the proper hand and power tool surface preparation methods and brush and roller coating application methods for coating application on steel and metal structures and their components.

Why attend - benefits of attending

After attending this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain how paint/coatings are used to control corrosion.

  • Recognize the tools and methods described in the SSPC standards and Good Painting Practice (Vol 1) for hand-and power-tool cleaning.

  • Demonstrate proper brush and roll application.

  • Demonstrate proper use of the wet film thickness gage to measure film thickness after brush and roll application.

  • Describe those tests used to determine cure.

  • Recognize safety hazards commonly associated with hand and power tool cleaning and brush and roll application.

What this course covers

  • Corrosion basics

  • Corrosion control process

  • Solvent cleaning

  • Hand-tool cleaning to SSPC-SP 2

  • Power-tool cleaning to SSPC-SP 3, 11, and 15

  • Assessing surface cleanliness according to SSPC-VIS 3

  • Coating basics for brush and roll application

  • Brush and roll application

  • Use of wet and dry film thickness gages

  • Determining the extent of curing

  • Course format/notes



Contact Alexandre Racine
CFRRIQC training Director


Training and course materials are available in English.


2 026,47$ CAD (taxes included)

*Prices are subject to change without notice

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